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Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone!  

For those who've just heard of us & are trying to find out more, here are the basics:  We are located south of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, at Loma Vista, where access is a bit challenging...most hike a trail and climb 150 stairs.  If you can get here  (Click here for details)  join us for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Pacific Coast Highway in a peaceful state. 

People are exhilarated to be on the coast when they can hear the waves, hear the trees, hear the sea lions, hear the streams, smell the sagebrush, and be….all by themselves.  It used to be this way, when I was small, but those days are gone.  It is this experience which drew artists and poets and those who just wanted to get away from the rat race.  And everyone loves it!  We calm down and remember what life is all about.   But honestly, when people put the bikes on full-throttle, climbing the most grueling hills, I think they forget about the coast for a few minutes and just focus on the thrill of the ride.

And our e-bikes are the best way to get to McWay Falls right now.  Hands down.  A leisurely 2-3 hour ride, 20 miles on Highway 1.  No crowds, no noise, no sweat, just beauty.

$75 for 4 hours, $105 all day.

NOTE: All our bikes are often reserved for the first round.  We leave a couple afternoon slots available for walk-ins.  So, if our online booking tool shows the afternoon you want is full, contact us.  If you don't mind waiting for a morning rental to return, we can go ahead and reserve you an afternoon slot.



About the bikes...


"The bike that makes you feel like a kid again."

We recommend the RadMini for riders 4'10" - 5'4" tall.  Taller riders fit well on either the RadMini or the RadRover. 

Few electric bikes are built to handle the hilly terrain and dirt roads of Big Sur.  Rad Power Bikes in Seattle has recently introduced a pair of bikes with the maximum power allowed on electric bikes in California....more than capable of leveling out this terrain.

Quality bikes in their own right with 7-speed Shimano gearing and disc brakes, they also provide power via a twist-throttle and a 5-speed "cruise control" pedal assist.  The range on level ground varies from 25-50 miles.  In Big Sur, if you don't want to work hard....a little over 20 miles.

For those with children wishing to go out, we have a pair of RadWagon electric cargo bikes.  21-speed, geared low for hauling weight (up to 350 lb rider & cargo) with a long padded seat for passengers, plus a foot rest, & grab bars.  Children must be old enough to hang on by themselves.  It's about 30% slower than our RadRover, but looks awesome & serves a great purpose.  Child seats will attach nicely to it as well.