Frequently Asked ?'s

The shuttle from Andrew Molera State Park doesn't run until 12:00.  How am I supposed to get there by 10:00?

Park at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park (opens at 9:00 a.m.)  Pay the day use fee and ask where to park for the "Bypass Trail." It takes 30-45 minutes to park & hike the trail (and 150 stairs) to us.  

When parking at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park fills, overflow is directed to Andrew Molera State Park.  If you are arriving after noon, we recommend parking at Molera right away and taking the shuttle.  If you arrive early, we can get you going with paperwork & reading instructions on the bikes.


Can my 6-year old drive your super-powerful electric bikes next to the cliffs?

We recommend a minimum of age thirteen.  Eighteen to rent without a parent/guardian.  The RadMini weighs 60 lb., so your 30 lb. child will feel intimidated.  If you wish to plead the case for your child, give us a call.  If you drop by at least an hour before your reservation, your child can do a test run (to prove to us and you that they are a responsible rider) before you commit.  If you arrive after your reservation time, and your child is unable to handle the bike, we may have to still charge you for the reservation.

Most parents with younger children rent our RadWagon.  It's got a seat on the back for 1 or 2 children.  It rents for $30 extra and includes an extra battery to make sure you get to the Falls & back.


Can I attach a trailer or tow-behind for my children to ride?



Should I rent the Mini or the Rover?

If you're shorter than 5'4" choose the Mini. If you're 5'2", super athletic, and ride a lot, then you might prefer the Rover...but you'll barely straddle the bar when you stop. 

The Rover, with it's front suspension and bigger wheels is a smoother ride.  It's the "Cadillac."  The Mini is more like a sports car.  It has a little faster "get up & go" and a little rougher ride.  

Both bikes fit tall riders.  But if you are below 5'4" (down to 4'11"), the Mini is for you.  The Rover's bar has a 31.25" standover height.

Both bikes have their fans, with more tending towards the Rover.


Can I get to the McWay Falls Overlook and back with a half day rental?

Yes.  Fast riders can even get there and back in an hour.  Most people spend just shy of 3 hours on the ride and picture stops.  This gives people time for lunch at Nepenthe or a hike and a picnic lunch from the Big Sur Deli too.  If you wish to spend the whole day in Big Sur, the Sur Transportation shuttle can get you to Nepenthe before or after your ride, or you can walk to the nearby Taphouse.

Do I have to pedal to get to McWay Falls?  I really, really don't want to...

If you really don't want to pedal at all, you'll have to rent an extra battery ($30) to make it to the Falls & back.  Most people who don't pedal at all run out of battery about 3 miles before they get back...trying to get up the last big hill.  And that's no fun!  

I heard there are no cars on Highway 1.  Is that true?

Nope.  There are still cars here, just a lot fewer.  Most riders report seeing 5-10 cars while out on their ride.  So do like the pro-riders....stay to the right!