Rentals & Tours


Book online up to 2 hours in advance.  Some days book out a week in advance, so to guarantee a rental, book early.  

Contact us for a private tour or to inquire about space at the last minute or to get on a waiting list for last-minute cancellations.


McWay Falls

Self-guided with customized map
18 miles, paved road
2.5 - 3 hrs at a leisurely pace
0.2 mile hike on McWay Falls overlook trail

Suitable for anyone comfortable riding a bike.  $75 half-day rental, $105 full-day.  Stop at Nepenthe for lunch or grab food for the road from the Big Sur Deli.  

Ride one of the most scenic stretches of the Pacific Coast Highway. Take a leisurely pace, stopping at multiple scenic points along the way.  Our customized map will point out the California Condor nesting cliffs, prime whale-watching points, and trailheads to some of the best hidden hikes in Big Sur.  Most trails are closed due to the Soberanes fire, but a couple great short-hikes are now open.

Our recommended final destination is Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park where you can view McWay Falls from Highway 1 or hike the short overlook trail for a closer view of the falls.

If you wish to explore further, we recommend renting an extra battery for $30/day.

Half-day is 4 hrs.  

Afternoon Half-day reservations are from 3-7 p.m.  Early departure is often possible, but not guaranteed.

Half-day reservations last 4 hrs. & can be made anytime from 9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.  The latest morning reservations are due back by 3 p.m. to avoid late fees (given to the afternoon reservation that was held up).


Old Coast Road to Bixby Bridge

10 miles, dirt & gravel road
Turns around halfway or ride all the way to Bixby Bridge
3-4 hrs
Portable restroom bags provided

NOTE: Old Coast Road was closed for the Summer of 2017.  It has recently reopened to bicycles, but will remain closed to vehicles indefinitely.  We  to did a scouting run and ran into locked gates.  Bikes can go around, but not cars.  If there is any bike trouble or an accident, we cannot get a vehicle in to help.  So we will not begin bike tours here until it is again open to vehicles.  

Only for those comfortable riding on dirt and hills, we will offer two tours.  One for beginners on dirt--which features a smoother dirt road section with breathtaking vistas.  This one turns around at the halfway point.  And one tour for more advanced riders which traverses steeper, looser terrain and reaches all the way to Bixby Bridge.  It's a lot of fun and unforgettable.  But riding on steep, loose gravel roads can be challenging.  Our bikes take a beating.  But if you wipe out and damage one, you are responsible for repairs.

From $200

The Old Coast Road follows the original pioneer's wagon trail as it winds its way through the Big Sur back country.  Combining spectacular views of the coast with redwood groves, the road is not technically challenging, but hills and gravel combine to require some dirt experience.

With a few steep climbs (over 3,000 feet of climbs round trip) it pushes even our powerful bikes to their limits and you will need to pedal along.  No need to be an extreme athelete, though, just moderately fit. We pack along everything needed for a safe ride away from civilization: extra batteries, water, snacks, first aid, satellite communications, and restroom kits. 

If you'd like us to contact you when the road opens, click below.