Rentals & Tours


Book rentals online up to 2 hours in advance.  Book tours up to 24 hours in advance.

Contact us for a private tour or to inquire about space at the last minute or to get on a waiting list for last-minute cancellations.


McWay Falls


  • Weekends only, starting shortly after sunrise.
  • Semi-guided with customized map for those who wish to ride alone.
  • 18 miles, paved road 
  • Approximately 3 hrs
  • Must be comfortable riding 15-20 mph
  • 0.2 mile hike on McWay Falls overlook trail

This is the ride that we launched with in July 2017.  One professional cyclist called it, "The best bike path on earth, period."

Ride one of the most scenic stretches of the Pacific Coast Highway during the quiet of the morning, stopping at multiple scenic points along the way.  Our customized map will point out the California Condor nesting cliffs, prime whale-watching points, and trailheads to some of the best hidden hikes in Big Sur.  

Our turn-around point is Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park where you can view McWay Falls from Highway 1 or hike the short overlook trail for a closer view of the falls.

We are typically passed by 20-50 cars during this ride, and bike lanes are narrow, so no this is not a ride for beginners.  We ride out, followed by a chase car sporting a "Caution Cyclists Ahead" sign.

$125 per person (discounted to $75 next weekend)

Those heading out on this ride are encouraged to do a free preview rental in Pacific Grove the day before.  We encourage everyone to explore on the bikes long enough to make sure they will be comfortable riding with traffic.  After the preview ride if you are not comfortable, we will refund your Big Sur reservation & just charge for the rental time in Pacific Grove.

**Requires a minimum number of riders.  Call to inquire about a date.




Monterey Peninsula Rentals


  • Self-guided
  • Explore the Monterey Peninsula from Marina to Carmel
  • Bikes governed to 15 mph for those wishing to explore the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail
  • Bikes governed to 20 mph for those wishing to ride the bike lanes and streets with pedal-assist and throttle
  • Bikes governed to 25 mph for those wishing the max speed, pedal-assist only, ages 17+

From our location in the American Tin Cannery (125 Ocean View Blvd, Suite 120, Pacific Grove, CA 93950) explore the Monterey Peninsula in the most enjoyable way! 

Our favorite place to explore is just outside our door.  Ride along the bike paths past Lover's Point to Asilomar, smelling the ocean, hearing the waves, and stopping easily at all the amazing viewpoints.  A little further, and you can ride 17-mile drive past such scenic points as The Lone Cypress and Ghost Tree.  For those with more time, rent an extra battery and ride all the way to Carmel getting lost among the shops and cottages.

And for those willing to brave a 2 mile stretch of busy Highway 1 (in bike lanes), continue on to Point Lobos.  This is one of the most scenic places in all of Big Sur & Monterey, and we highly recommend visiting, whether by car or on bike...though we unabashedly think our bikes are the best!

Our powerful 750 watt motors carry you easily up and down the hilly streets of Pacific Grove and Carmel.  Expect a range of 20-50 miles per battery, so the 34 mile round trip to Point Lobos on 17-mile drive requires very little effort if you rent an extra battery for $10.

Point Lobos

Point Lobos